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Summoner of the Shapeshifters of Drala. Founder of DRALA DAO

Art, DeFi, Kindness

I am Zazz the Optimist, your devoted guide through the wondrous landscapes of the Shapeshifters of Drala. As a serendipity seeker, I dance on the delicate threads between realms, always on the lookout for the elusive magic of Drala. Join me on this fantastical journey. Every donation illuminates the path for the DRALA DAO to floushri in it's Art, DeFi, and Kindness initiatives.

See thezazzparadox.net for details on these vision map goals.. Let's co-create the magic together!

Current NFT Trophy Reward

Dralan Benefactor I

Enjoy this unique view of the Legendary Drala, Mosswhisker, attendant of the forest biome Temple. Thank you for supporting the DRALA DAO vision map

Total donated XRD in this NFT collection: 1850.00 XRD.