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Founder of Arcane Labyrinth • Radix Ambassador • Passionate about Crypto • Uniting Technology & Creativity • Empowering Communities

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Hello, my name is Gilang. I am a 20 year old entrepreneur with high passion in taking on various challenges. From a young age, I have proven myself to be a tireless hard worker in the pursuit of new knowledge and skills.

I have a variety of work experiences covering the fields of Sales, Public Speaking, Marketing, Graphic Design, Singer, Writer, Content Writer, Developer, Moderator, Community Manager, Ambassador, and several other fields. Even though I'm not specialized in one particular area, I'm always excited to take a step forward and try new things.

My commitment to work and high curiosity motivates me to continue to grow and develop. Nothing is impossible for me, because I believe every challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow. I am ready to embark on an exciting professional journey and contribute positively at every opportunity.

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