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Backeum and Crypdonate: Together for African Conservation

Backeum and Crypdonate have come together to support the African Conservation Foundation, and we're inviting you to be part of this journey.

Image of an endangered gorilla

How You Can Make a Meaningful Impact

We want to encourage you by donating any amount of $XRD you feel comfortable with. It's not about the size of your contribution but the collective strength of a community that cares. Be part of this community-driven movement and make a difference.

Trust and Transparency

Crypdonate understands the importance of trust and transparency. They've established a transparency page to ensure your confidence in this initiative. It's a place to follow the progress and see how your contributions make a tangible difference.

Crypdonate Only Facilitates: It's important to know that Crypdonate, as a platform, only facilitates donations.

Radix Accepted: Crypdonate is open to receiving Radix (XRD) donations.

Exploring Ongoing Ways to Support Charity

The partnership between Crypdonate and Backeum isn't just a one-time collaboration; it's a commitment to making an enduring impact. As we move forward, both entities actively explore ways to continue supporting charitable causes. This collaboration represents the beginning of a journey, not the end.

We want to thank Radix Marketing Counsel for brokering this collaboration.