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Together, we grow: Seek support on Backeum and reward your backers.

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Backeum runs on Radix, ready to join us?

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02 What is Backeum

Support the Radix community with Backeum, promoting a simple culture of appreciation and backing. By giving a hand to those pushing forward, we help our network grow. Discover someone you admire, tip them, and send a heartfelt 'good job' their way.


With a Backeum profile, share a bit about yourself and your work.

Post updates to engage others, gratefully receive tips and donations and give an extra layer of trust by verifying your identity with your XRD domain.


Join the Backeum community and find a community filled with people who genuinely care and work hard.

Engage with your backers, connect, engage, and experience the value of mutual support.

NFT collections

At Backeum, turn your gratitude into NFTs.

Create collections and let your supporters have their own encouraging trophy from you.


Backeum competitions are all about talent and community. Join in the friendly contests on Backeum. Show off your skills, and let the community be your cheerleader and jury.

Join our growing community.

When you sign in with your Radix wallet, you have the option to support your favorite creators and receive exclusive content.

Go to Backeum website on your desktop to connect your wallet.

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